Pharaoh Pursuing the Israelites is a Perfect Picture of the Abuser

In recent posts dealing with the fact that abusers see their spouse and children as property owned, Innoscent made the following excellent comment:

In the eyes of the abuser the marriage covenant contract is an exclusive title whereby he becomes the proprietor of his wife, whatever she owns, her life, their children, everything. To him, there is no joint ownership and responsibility. There is no love. His plan is all about taking, kidnapping, and sucking out every bit of life, goodness, talent, etc. everything of his prey. Abusers are similar to parasitic plants and insects they live off.

My ex-H once litterally compared me to a car in a letter to a friend who was shocked by that. So was I, but at that time I was under his spell and in thick fog, and explained it away as some type of male figurative talk.

Sadly the church interprets the husband’s entitlement to his wife as ‘a noble statement’ as you said Jeff, when in reality he’s bent on pillaging and looting her life in the long run. Covert satanic rioting, that’s what it is.

If you want a clear picture of all of this in Scripture, all you need do is go back to Exodus and read:

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