As a follow up to this previous post – RASNs are Stupid, The Lord Says So – I want to give you a perfect example provided by a friend who is an abuse survivor. Her story shows how these kind of toxic people are actually made to be fools by their mentality of superiority and entitlement. They are never wrong – just ask them.

My ex-abuser’s leg was broken because he didn’t get out of the way of a ski patrol snow mobile because he claimed he had the right of way. He sued the ski area and we got a settlement from the insurance company (which I used to put the down payment on a house since he took us through bankruptcy and I lost everything, including my piano). But he didn’t get as much as he wanted because witnesses said he could’ve easily avoided the ski patrol. It was typical of him – he continuously put my daughter and me in harm’s way just to prove he was right. 

RASNs, like this one, are entitled and superior. They are never wrong and everyone must bow to them. And it is these kinds of lies which make them a fool. What kind of person refuses to move out of the way of a truck? A RASN. And what kind of person refuses to admit fault and even goes to court to punish those who have not yielded to his entitlement? A fool. This is what RASNs are, and “fool” is what the Lord calls them.