We have had several people ask over the years if there is a way they can contribute financially to our ministry at Christ Reformation Church (CRC). A few have done so. Expenses we pay include:

  • Providing books to abuse victims who cannot afford them
  • Sometimes providing some financial aid to victims on a short term basis
  • Utility and Facility costs for our building (the building is debt free though), building repairs, etc
  • WordPress blog fees (to keep the blogs ad free, purchase blog URL’s, etc)

We as members of the church buy all office supplies and office equipment and books and study materials ourselves.

In view of our desire to let those who want to be part of CRC and help support its ministries (see the Ministries tab at lightfordarktimes.com blog) we think the time has come to facilitate giving. We understand very well that many if not most abuse victims do not have financial resources and we certainly are not pressuring anyone in this regard. 

If however you are able and desire to participate in the CRC ministries by contributing financially, you may send donations to:

  • Christ Reformation Church,
    7450 Alderbrook Rd.,
    Tillamook, Oregon 97141

We have also set up a paypal account for CRC to make giving easier (no stamp or envelope hunting). Email address for CRC’s paypal account is:  christreform@gmail.com


Another way to save an envelope and stamp is to send donations via your bank through Bill Pay.  Check with your bank to see if this is an option for you.  If so, your bank will be able to explain how to use its Bill Pay option.  In summary, Bill Pay allows the account owner to instruct their bank to issue and send a check for them.

CRC is a registered non-profit. Please provide your mailing address if you want a year-end receipt for giving.