Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

John Bunyan Describes a RASN Perfectly in “The Life and Death of Mr. Badman”

We’ve talked a good deal about his evil ways, but Mr. Badman added this to all his wickedness − he was a very proud man − exceedingly proud and haughty in mind. He had a look that said he must not be contradicted or opposed, because he considered himself to be as wise as the wisest person in the country, as good as the best, and as handsome as any. He took great delight in praising himself and also relished the praises others gave him. He couldn’t stand to have anyone think themselves above him, or to have their intellect or celebrity set before his. He had limited social manners toward his equals, but for those who were of an inferior rank, he looked down on them in great contempt. And if at any time he had a remote occasion having to do with them, he’d act aloof but with a very domineering spirit. Solomon gave a characteristic note about him when he said, Proud and haughty scorner is his name, who deals in proud wrath (Proverbs 21:24). He never thought his manner of living good enough, his clothes fine enough, or his praise refined enough….

Disregard what you say and laugh at you? That’s what the proud man will do no matter what Scripture you bring him, unless God strikes his conscience by the Word. Mr. Badman used to work for those who told him about his pride, but it did no good. Besides, when you have said what you can, they [ie, The RASN] will tell you they aren’t proud but that you are the one who is the proud man or you wouldn’t judge, nor would you in such a boldly disrespectful and evil-speaking way meddle with other men’s matters like you do.

Bunyan, John. The Life and Death of Mr. Badman (Updated, Illustrated): An Analysis of a Wicked Man’s Life, as a Warning for Others (Bunyan Updated Classics Book 4) (pp. 145-147). Aneko Press. Kindle Edition.

As we have been reading through this great book by John Bunyan (author of Pilgrim’s Progress), I have been repeatedly struck with Bunyan’s insight into RASNs (revilers, abusers, sociopaths, narcissists). Here he describes the terrible pride of such people. They refuse to be corrected or even to be disagreed with. They praise themselves and demand praise from others. Their sense of superiority and entitlement is astonishing.

I recommend this book very highly, but with this caution. Bunyan’s portrayal of the abuser is so accurate that the book can be rather triggering for anyone who has been abused by a Mr. Badman. Nevertheless, it is filled with practical wisdom, and – spoiler alert – Badman gets justice in the end.


Insisting that an Abuser is a Christian is a denial of the Biblical Doctrine of the New Birth


Why are RASNs Drawn to Churches?

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  1. Solveig Warren

    I lived in this community of RASNs (clergy, bishops, archbishops and their hangers on) and nearly succumbed with a physically broken body. However by the grace of God I survived as he gave me strength and protected me. I was willing to live through this experience to first hand learn about the truth of evil to prove the RASNs have hijacked the religious communities through vile and distractive means since the 1970s. The Old Testament days are sadly so evident. I had to pick up the pieces to shape the original person into an even stronger fighter than before. I trusted God to guide me into a new phase of my being , obtaining two Uni degrees against all odds moving into a research environment and having a ball.


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