More Print Publications are Coming from Us

If you look at the right hand sidebar of the Unholy Charade home page, you will see our newest publication, the concise book In My Father’s House: God’s Redemptive Plan from Genesis to Revelation. As you probably know, this is a digest of my sermon series by the same title which you can still find at under the sermon series menu titled, In My Father’s House. It is an important book, purposely kept brief. It is a great way to get the big picture of the Bible and it can serve as a perfect tool to give to someone who still is looking for clarity regarding what the Bible is all about. And abusers are not welcome In My Father’s House!

Soon we will be publishing another book of similar concise length. It is based on my sermon Who is a Christian? (also available at  as audio and PDF.) This is an absolutely vital topic for all of us to get a firm grasp on. The foggy and false teaching in the churches about who is a Christian continues to protect hypocrites and abusers who are in no way born again. You will be able to see quite clearly that the Bible is plain: an abuser as we define them here is in no way a Christian. The thing is impossible. As long as churches continue to insist that a person can habitually walk in sin and still be regenerate, abusers are going to be empowered and enabled.

Lord willing, there will be more publications forthcoming as well in days ahead. We pray that the Lord will bless them to His use and to the help of people being oppressed by evil hiding in sheep’s wool.


Announcement: Livestreaming of CRC Worship Service on FB Page

We have just published a new facebook page for Christ Reformation Church.  The primary purpose is to faciliate the livestreaming of our Sunday morning worship services. We will give it a run this Sunday and see what glitches we need to fix, but it should work. The service generally (hey, we are laid back) starts at around 11AM and the sermon at about 11:25. We aren’t sure if the audio gear will do a good job on the congregational singing so we haven’t decided for sure if we will just stream the sermon or the whole service, but we shall see.

Most of you know more about fb than I do. Someone mentioned that they thought an announcement would be sent out by fb when we actually go live.  We will check that out.

We will continue to video the sermons and put them on and on youtube (channel is Unholy Charade) as we have been.  If this system works well, we are also thinking about livestreaming the morning Sunday school class as well.  We hope that this will enable all who desire to do so to feel more a real part of us here at CRC.