Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Info: Here is a link to an Excellent Bible course by G.K. Beale

Those of you who follow out midweek Bible studies on the Gospel of John and on Revelation, will recognize the name G.K. Beale. He is my favorite theologian and his books have helped me tremendously in my understanding and study of the Bible. This link is to a series of lectures he has given on the big story of the Bible and how the Bible progressively tells this story from Eden lost to Eden regained in the New Heavens and Earth.



The Lie of Toxic Positivity – A Guest Post


Abuse of Pastoral Authority is Rampant

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  1. lg

    Thank you for sharing this link!
    I am so thrilled that not only do you post your Sunday sermons online, but also two weekly Bible Studies: John and Revelation and Sunday school classes! And now another great recommendation.
    Such a treat, so rich and full to overflowing.
    Thank you!

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