Audio Improvement on our Sunday Broadcasts

Yesterday we used some new microphone equipment in our worship service. I think you will find a marked improvement in the sound quality.  You can watch the worship service on our Facebook page (Christ Reformaton Church) either during the livestream at 11am Sundays, or Facebook will also retain a recording of the service for later viewing too.  We upload just the sermon portion of the service to our youtube channel (Unholy Charade) and to

We also livestream on Facebook the Sunday morning class at 9:30am and it likewise is saved by Facebook for later viewing. We upload the class to our youtube channel.

Some of our viewers are catching on to the feature on Facebook livestream that lets them comment, ask questions, etc duruing the Sunday morning class. We read the questions aloud and then answer them or respond to comments.

It seems to me that increasingly we are able to offer a real opportunity for people to become part of Christ Reformation Church. You can even participate in the weekly Lord’s Supper observance during the morning service. We broadcast it as well and you can have bread and cup wherever  you are.

One pattern I am seeing, and I fully understand it, is that people look and look and look and search and search and search for a church that is a real body of genuine believers and which is wise about evil or at least truly willing to learn. Some people have searched for years, literally, and still come up empty. And then they remember us and join us as their church and realize they have finally found a real church home.

Resources at UC

We want to direct your attention to the top menu bar and the resources we have there.   Some of the tabs were missing and/or broke, but they are up and running again and we just want to remind you of what we have there.

Two of the tabs are Scriptures and Resources.  Both contain extensive drop down menus.

Under the Scriptures tab:

Twisted Scriptures
Scriptures that demonstrate that an Abuser is not a Christian
Encouragement from the Psalms

Under the Resources tab:

Our Books
Additional Books and Recommended Books
Recommended Sermon Series

We hope you find these resources helpful and encouraging!

If you ever find a broken link or have a technical question, please feel free to contact me (twbtc) at or leave a comment.


CRC Worship Session Begins this Evening at 7PM

The CRC Worship Sessions begin tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7:00 PM (PST). Each week Kevin Dirks will be leading the livestream session on our FaceBook Page.  

Wednesday mornings we will post the Scripture reading and the words to the song selections here on our Light for Dark Times blog, so you have access to the words to print or to use to follow along.

A BIT ABOUT KEVIN – Kevin is the son-in-law of Pastor Jeff and Verla Crippen and lives in Victoria, BC. Kevin was a pastor when their daughter first met him and has been leading the worship portion of the Sunday services at a church in Victoria for a number of years. Kevin and Jenny have recently joined CRC “virtually”.

We are excited! Hope you can join us! And Thank you, Kevin!