Update on Our Friend and Brother Mack

Philippians 2:25 ESV  I have thought it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus my brother and fellow worker and fellow soldier, and your messenger and minister to my need,

The Apostle Paul often commended the few and faithful men and women who stood for Christ no matter how much the cost. It is appropriate that we do the same.

As  most of you know from previous posts, our fellow elder here at Christ Reformation Church, Mack McConkey, as been going through an ordeal for nearly 3 months. He was struck with pancreatitis and that led to all kinds of other serious and life-threatening complications. He has recovered from a number of those but is still hospitalized. Today he is being moved to an acute care rehab center in Portland.

While in the hospital, Mack’s wife Rite (pronounced “reet”) has been able to be with him but most care centers are still not permitting visitors so that is going to be another strain.

Please continue to pray then for Mack and Rite, that they would be strengthened by the Lord and granted His courage and that Mack would heal and be able to return home. Specifically please pray that his blood sugar would stabilize, that his heart would remain in rhythm, and that he would receive excellent care in the rehab center.

We miss Mack greatly in our church body. He and Rite have always been there every Sunday morning for all these 27 years I have been here and most importantly Mack has stood solid and firm against all the wicked people who crept in among us over the years and did all they could to destroy this ministry. And even more specifically, ten years ago when the ministry to expose abusers in churches and help their victims began, there were a number of evil people who hated that light being shined upon this sin. They did all they could to stop it but were unable. Mack was never once duped by their lies and tactics and they eventually gave up and left.

So please pray for Mack. He is your friend in Christ and much of the benefit  many of you have received through this ministry, Mack had a real part in bringing about.

Update on our Friend Mack – Surgery Wednesday

Most of you already know that our fellow elder here at Christ Reformaton Church, Mack McConkey, has been seriously ill for nearly two months now. He is still hospitalized and tomorrow the doctors have surgery planned to try to get Mack’s  pancreas functioning correctly. Mack has continued to have one trial after another and he has not been improving.

Not only did I want to ask you to continue to pray for him and for this surgery, but I wanted to tell you a bit more about Mack. Mack and his wife Rite (pronounced “reet”) were at this church when I came 27  years ago. Mack came to faith in Christ in his ’40’s and he and Rite were married about one year before I was called here as pastor.

Mack has faithfully served the Lord with us all these years. He stood firmly with us through many hard trials and I want to tell you about one of those trials in particular.

Back in 2010 this ministry the Lord has called us to in exposing domestic abusers in the church and helping their victims, began. It was and continues to be clearly the Lord’s doing. The books, the blogs, the original sermon series – all of it. And right at the beginning there was opposition. One or two people in particular tried to stop it from ever starting.  And even after the ministry began, there were efforts to drive me and others away. There were people who hated the light that was starting to shine on their wickedness and that original sermon series on abuse was the start.

Mack stood firm with us all that time. So did Rite. They and others like them who are still in this church refused to let the enemy stop what the Lord had begun. And so we were enabled to persevere and the Lord has used all of this for His glory and for the rescue of many oppressed victims of abuse – many of you who follow this blog are included in that number.

I just wanted all of you to know a bit more about Mack – that he is a genuine Christian, a true brother in Christ, and if the Lord should so choose to spare him, we certainly could use him back here with us once again.