Info Regarding Our Livestream Broadcasts

If you watch our Sunday morning class and worship service or our Wednesday 10AM Bible study livestreams, no doubt you will see (as we experienced this morning) freeze ups due to bad internet connections – or whatever. After a livestream we upload to youtube and to sermonaudio.com/crc and often those uploads are better than the Facebook livestream.

But we are also going to set up a second iphone camera to record (no internet use) the Bible study on Wednesdays in addition to the other camera that is livestreaming on Facebook. Then we will upload the recorded video to youtube and sermon audio. Long story short, if you have trouble with internet freeze ups on Facebook live, check out the uploaded video at the other two sites. We usually have them uploaded within a few hours after the broadcast.

Internet. Computers. Blessing and curse!

Be Sure to Watch the Second Video – Does God Love Everyone?

You can watch the two videos (there will be one or two more) that we are doing as part of the Gospel of John Study, and I highly recommend that you take the time to watch this series. The best place to find it is on YouTube at our Christ Reformation Church channel. Then go to the playlist “Does God Love Everyone?” (Here is a link to the first video of this series on our YouTube channel.)

If you are an abuse victim/survivor, then you already know how damaging it is for people to march up to you and insist, “well, you know, God loves everyone and so you need to love your abuser too.” (Of course they wouldn’t call him your “abuser”).

This short phrase, “God loves everyone,” is nothing less than a false gospel with all sorts of nasty tentacles reaching out to enslave people. So please take the time to watch this series.