Announcement: Livestreaming of CRC Worship Service on FB Page

We have just published a new facebook page for Christ Reformation Church.  The primary purpose is to faciliate the livestreaming of our Sunday morning worship services. We will give it a run this Sunday and see what glitches we need to fix, but it should work. The service generally (hey, we are laid back) starts at around 11AM and the sermon at about 11:25. We aren’t sure if the audio gear will do a good job on the congregational singing so we haven’t decided for sure if we will just stream the sermon or the whole service, but we shall see.

Most of you know more about fb than I do. Someone mentioned that they thought an announcement would be sent out by fb when we actually go live.  We will check that out.

We will continue to video the sermons and put them on and on youtube (channel is Unholy Charade) as we have been.  If this system works well, we are also thinking about livestreaming the morning Sunday school class as well.  We hope that this will enable all who desire to do so to feel more a real part of us here at CRC.

A Reminder – You are invited to Christ Reformation Church (no matter where you live)

Each week at we post the worship service of Christ Reformation Church here in Tillamook, Oregon. It includes links to the hymns we sing and usually by Sunday evening we have the links to the sermon video posted. Sermons are published on and at our Youtube channel, Unholy Charade. There are also links at to a pdf and audio versions of the sermon. The pdf is normally posted there by Saturday.

This is the online outreach of our church, so that it can become your church as well no matter where you live. Numbers of people, most of whom have been treated shamefully by pastors and churches when they reported an abuser who was parading as a fine “christian,” call us their church and we welcome them wholeheartedly.

[Please read on. I have some important things to say here about the state of today’s churches]

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