Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

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Info: Here is a link to an Excellent Bible course by G.K. Beale

Those of you who follow out midweek Bible studies on the Gospel of John and on Revelation, will recognize the name G.K. Beale. He is my favorite theologian and his books have helped me tremendously in my understanding and study of the Bible. This link is to a series of lectures he has given on the big story of the Bible and how the Bible progressively tells this story from Eden lost to Eden regained in the New Heavens and Earth.


New Bible Study in Revelation

Part One of a new study through the New Testament book of Revelation is now on our youtube channel (Christ Reformation Church), our channel at sermonaudio.com/crc, and on our Facebook page. I will be posting a new installment each week, taking us through the whole book and relying quite a lot on my favorite Bible scholar, G.K. Beale to help all of us learn AND to sort out the typical nonsense that is so often taught from Revelation.

I will have each new video posted online by Thursday morning of each week. Sometimes I may livestream it then, but at other times earlier in the week. The current Wednesday Bible study through the Gospel of John will continue, livestreamed each Wednesday morning at 7AM our time, then posted to those same sites as above.

Revelation opens our eyes to see this world from a true, divine perspective and encourages us not to cave in to being conformed to the fiction this world demands we accept.

Update: Kelly Orr's Tuition Costs have been met!

Thank you to everyone for responding so quickly and generously. It only took a few days to receive enough to completely cover Kelly’s required studies to obtain her state licensing as a therapist/counselor.

Now all that is left is for Kelly to do the really hard work at her university. As we said earlier, she has already been accepted into the program which will take one school year to complete over and above the masters degree she already holds.

May the Lord bless and use Kelly in a great way in days to come. I am sure she will be a tremendous new resource and help to victims and survivors of this evil of abuse.

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