Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Part 2 of Jeff Crippen’s Interview on America Out Loud

On December 9th (I’m late getting this post published) part 2 of my interview with the Nurses Out Loud talk show was broadcast. Nurse Michele and I discussed more about how RASNs hide in churches and the evils they effect upon their targets.

Go to THIS LINK on iHeart Radio on your browser and scroll down to the December 9th broadcast on domestic abuse.


Part 2 – What does spiritual pride in the RASN look like?


Why did I Marry Him (or Her)?

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  1. Cordelia

    Listened to Part One and Part Two; both mapped out what abuse is and how it hides in churches and elsewhere. Excellently ptesented. Thankful to Pastor Crippen and “Nurses Out loud” for their courage speaking truth.

    Both episodes need to be spread far and wide across social media. If even one victim is set free from an abuser it will be worth getting the word out.


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