Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Matriarchal Abuse: I will be speaking on this subject tomorrow (5-16-21) in our Livestreamed Sunday morning class

Many of you know that we livestream both our Sunday morning class (9:30am, Kevin leads singing by livestream and immediately following we livestream from CRC the class). The feed is on the Christ Reformation Church Facebook page and later is uploaded to our Youtube channel as well.

Tomorrow morning then (5-16-21) after Kevin’s music feed ends (about 9:40am), our class livestreamed subject will be this evil business of Matriarchal Abuse. We have posted several articles on this lately and there have been many comments as well as emails sent directly to me from people who have been victims of this wickedness.

This thing is far more common than I realized. I know, for example, of at least 4 victims/survivors of matriarchal abuse right in our CRC local and online membership. There are no doubt more.

If we are going to help people get free of an evil that gives “mother’s day” a whole new and nasty meaning, then we need to get wise to this form of abuse.

So please join us, or if you cannot tomorrow morning, watch the video when you can either on Facebook or at our Youtube channel.


This Evil of Matriarchal Abuse Deserves Serious Notice


Video Lecture/Class at CRC today on Matriarchal Abuse

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  1. Free

    Thank you Pastor Crippen. Ironically I had a dream with you in it last night and you had been leading a study – there were several women in there that I knew years ago and were somehow survivor – like. You flew to this different area of the country every week to do this study – no one knew you were from Oregon or that you traveled there, I had hoped Verla would also be there as well so we could meet. Anyways, thought it was intriguing when I woke and saw your message this morning.
    As a survivor of domestic abuse and violence while in “Christian” marriages (yes, left the first abuser – years later unknowingly married into more severe abusiveness), and knowing my mom is an abuser as well and my dad, who is by passively standing by and watching her do it (to all but their golden child) – I can’t even begin to thank you enough for speaking on this. The roots are deep and decades – generations deep. The matriarchal and patriarchal abusers are poison in the vine. Praise God you are getting the word – it is needed to stop the cycle in so many families.

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