Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

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Video Lecture/Class at CRC today on Matriarchal Abuse

I taught a class this morning in the class time at CRC on the subject of matriarchal abuse. It is a very important topic and defnitely worth watching. This link is from the Christ Reformation Church page on Youtube. You can also view the class at our Facebook page where…

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Matriarchal Abuse: I will be speaking on this subject tomorrow (5-16-21) in our Livestreamed Sunday morning class

Many of you know that we livestream both our Sunday morning class (9:30am, Kevin leads singing by livestream and immediately following we livestream from CRC the class). The feed is on the Christ Reformation Church Facebook page and later is uploaded to our Youtube channel as well. Tomorrow morning then…

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This Evil of Matriarchal Abuse Deserves Serious Notice

Yesterday's post about fear being characteristic of toxic relationships made mention of the evil of matriarchal abuse. I have received numbers of responses to that post besides the comments and I am beginning to realize that mothers as abusers are more common that I knew. I have personally seen and…

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