Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

These Words of the Lord to Isaiah are Profound – Here is Wisdom

Isaiah 29:13-15 ESV  And the Lord said: “Because this people draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me, and their fear of me is a commandment taught by men,  (14)  therefore, behold, I will again do wonderful things with this people, with wonder upon wonder; and the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the discernment of their discerning men shall be hidden.”  (15)  Ah, you who hide deep from the LORD your counsel, whose deeds are in the dark, and who say, “Who sees us? Who knows us?”

These verses really struck me this morning when I read them. Especially that phrase “you…whose deeds are in the dark, and who say, ‘Who sees us? Who knows us?'” I won’t say much more in this post. Let me hear your thoughts and experiences on this thing.
This is the evil among us. It is deep. It is dark. It is hidden behind a covering of a mouth that spews words “honoring” the Lord. And it is intentional deceit. In this darkness, in this hidden depth, these cunning servants of the devil confidently boast “Who sees us? Who knows us?”

If you ever wonder if the evil people, the abusers, the hypocrites you encounter are people to be pitied because they just don’t really understand what they are doing, then here is an antidote for that notion. They say, “who sees me? Who knows me? I am soooo good at fooling these fools.”


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  1. emmellkaycee

    Your last paragraph…
    I express this very truth so often to those who so quickly and willingly ascribe ‘idiocy’ to what is actually evil actions and intent. Christians, especially, seem to rarely develop the discernment and wisdom it takes to recognize evil without clothing it in a plethora of excuses.

  2. wingingit

    This is perfectly describing the US family court system.
    The attorneys, custody evaluators, judges, therapists and others who work in this system pride themselves on their power to “make or break” families.
    They boast of their “right” to remove children from Godly, fit parents and place them where they please.
    They hold “status conferences” among themselves about the entire future of generations of a family and chat and laugh and mock the parents during these private meetings. The parents who have birthed and raised the children are not allowed to attend, but must pay thousands for these conferences.
    These people view themselves as wise, fair, and caring.
    But in reality, they are evil, foolish, and hateful.
    Just like the abusers they represent, the evil deeds they do behind closed doors damages children and will impact the future generations brought from those children.
    These people make private deals with each other to keep cases going for years, so that they can make a huge profit off of the destruction of the families they claim to be helping.
    When the family is bankrupt and can not pay any more, these awful representatives of the court close the case and move on to new victims, leaving behind permanent trauma and destruction.
    They can never be held accountable because they have passed laws that protect them from liability.
    The murders of many women and children are on their hands.
    But they sit in church on Sunday with their heads held high. Praised in the community as the hero of children.
    While the women and children they have broken beyond repair struggle to piece their destroyed lives back into something at least resembling the family it was before the abuser and his court helpers attacked them.
    God, please bring justice to the corrupt court system that empowers abusers to continue abusing their families.

    • IrisJane

      Amen Wingingit…the overwhelming amount of corruption is beyond heartbreaking and the suffering of these women and children is unbearable. May justice be served, and soon.

    • lg

      yes – this is exactly so true!! Thank you for articulating this!

    • loved07

      My own attorney caused me great anguish. Mid case he became increasingly hostile to me. At one point mentioned the abuser’s attorney had provided certain documents then tried to charge me for them. When I asserted myself and said, “I am not financially responsible to pay you for that work.” He became agitated, angry, and rushed me out of his office.

    • Sandy

      Evil is so prevalent in our society it’s in our faces yet we are fine with it, so it seems!
      The Devil’s greatest trick – fool them into thinking he don’t exist.

  3. Deb

    El Roi — the God who sees. I remind myself of this often.

  4. Innoscent

    Thanks Wingingit, that is heartwrenching! The amount of corruption, evil, arrogance and ignorance within the legal system is beyond reckoning. And one big aspect of abuse that the majority of people are clueless about is the piling up of abuse on the already oppressed. Sadly, primary abuse is only the beginning for most victims… More abuse is perpetrated by those, again who should defend and protect them, and sentence and incapacitate oppressors.

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