Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Info on our Wednesday Bible Study Broadcast

As you know, we livestream our Wednesday Bible study (currently in the Gospel of John) each week at 10am, and then it is available for later viewing on the CRC facebook page, youtube (at Unholy Charade Channel) and on sermonaudio.com/crc.
We have been working with new equipment to improve the audio quality and have made good progress BUT today after the livestream we realized that the external microphone hadn’t worked. The sound is usable, but it isn’t as good as it should be.
And check this out – this happened because Facebook/Apple updated the fb app that tons of people are using now to livestream, and the update killed external microphone connectivity. Someone had a great idea!  Anyway, we have some other options to use but we hope that FB gets it together and fixes this error soon.
All of that to say, we know the audio is a bit weak on today’s livestream but we are aware of it and hoping this Sunday all will go well as it did last Sunday.
Ever think “why can’t they just leave it alone???”


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  1. choclea43

    Feel that same way about gravity & my body. Can’t u leave it alone….quit dragging me down!!! 😛


    I have also been having a lot of problems lately with my computer freezing up when I am on this site or trying to watch the live streams on the CRC Facebook site.
    On the CRC Facebook site, I repeatedly get an error message when I connect, without being logged in to my account, that says, “There was a problem with this request. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.” The error message comes up over and over and prevents me from watching the livestream. That message just started a few weeks ago. However, if I login to my Facebook account, the message does not occur. So, I believe that issue is a new Facebook glitch. I agree, Facebook should leave things alone. Updates only cause glitches.
    I am trying to diagnose and fix the computer freezing issue, but it may not be caused by my computer, because so far it has only happened on the CRC Facebook page or on this WordPress site.


      Update… The computer freezing up issue happened on another website. So, it is not specific to CRC in any way.

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