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Audio on Our Livestreaming Improving – Still Tweaking a couple of things

As I mentioned a few days ago we have added some new microphone equipment to make the sound on our Facebook livestream and sermonaudio.com/crc and youtube channel (Unholy Charade) much clearer.
Yesterday all went well except you will notice on the FB livestream there is a tinny sound. Volume is good. The tinny quality is because the fuzzy microphone cover on our new Rode wireless mic fell off right at the start of the service and I couldn’t just stop and put it back on. It’s kind of a flimsy attachment set up so we are going to fix that this week.
Anyway, the entire service including the music is on Facebook, but you can listen to just the sermon on sermon audio and youtube and those are recorded with another microphone – no tinny sound there. Rode cost $229.  Other mic was $12.99. Ha!


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  1. walkinginlight

    I was having a lot of trouble hearing as well, even with the volume turned up as loud as it would go. So I went to good ole Walmart and bought these cute USB stereo speakers for $9.99 that plug into the side of my laptop. They work really great and I can turn the sermon up nice and loud! But I am glad the volume issue is now fixed for others who were having the same issue. The Lord’s blessings to everyone!

  2. lg

    Thank you!

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