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Amazing Insight of John Bunyan into the Evil Mind of the RASN

Most of you know John Bunyan as the author of Pilgrim’s Progress. But he wrote other books as well and one of those is entitled “The Life and Death of Mr. Badman.” It is an account of an evil man’s pilgrimage – to hell. The following is an excerpt from that book in which Bunyan explores and exposes the incredibly wicked tactics of Mr. Badman in deceiving a young Christian woman whose money he was after. Here is how this particular chapter begins:

“The thing was this. He wanted a wife − or rather, money. Because, as for a woman, he could have prostitutes enough. All he had to do was whistle, and they’d come to do his bidding. But, as I said, he wanted money and decided he must get it through a wife or no way at all. He couldn’t easily get a wife either, unless he became an artist at misleading. And he couldn’t successfully mislead among people who could put on an act as well as he could.”

“But a young woman lived near him who was both godly and had a good portion of money, but how to get her – this would take all his cunning. He called a council made up of some of his most trusty, sly companions, and shared his thoughts with them, namely, that he had decided to marry − and he also told them to whom. “But,” he said, “how will I accomplish my goal? She’s religious, and I’m not.” One of his companions replied, “Since she’s religious, you must pretend to be the same, and you must do this for some time before you approach her.

“Watch where she goes each day to hear the Word taught and go there too. But when you do, be sure to behave like you are serious as if you like the Word and think it wonderful. Make sure to stand where she can see you, and when you walk home, be sure you walk the street like one with a clear head and go within sight of her. Once you’ve done this for a while, then go to her.

“First talk about how sorry you are for your past sins, and show great love for the religion she is part of, and speak well about her preachers. Then mention how happy you are to make her godly acquaintance, and express sorrow that your difficult circumstances prevented you from meeting with her and the believers she meets with sooner. This is the way to get her. “

“Also, you must write down sermons, talk about Scripture, and deny that you came to woo her, but that you are only drawn to her because she is godly, and that you would consider it your greatest happiness if you might have such a relationship in the future. As for her money, disregard it. Act as if it is the furthest thing from your mind. This is the way to gain quickest access to it, because in the beginning she will be protective of it and will think you are only after her money. So make no mention of it. Do this and see if you don’t catch the young woman.” And so, in this manner, the snare was laid for this poor honest maiden, and she was quickly caught in his pit.

Bunyan, John. The Life and Death of Mr. Badman (Updated, Illustrated): An Analysis of a Wicked Man’s Life, as a Warning for Others (Bunyan Updated Classics Book 4) (pp. 73-74). Aneko Press. Kindle Edition.


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    Oh my gosh this happened to me! Looking back I was totally deceived. It changed my life forever. Still healing. This was the first time I truly learned about evil. Thank you for putting this out to warn others. Very grateful for your ministry.

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