Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

The Abuser is an Immature, Selfish Child

One of the first words a child learns is….”mine!” That we are all born into this world in a fallen, sinful condition is evident. You do not need to teach your children to sin – they know how by nature. Mine!! And the battle is on if he doesn’t get what he demands. Our Labrador Mocha is like that. There can be dog toys laying all over the floor and she pays them no notice until our other dog Cinder picks one up. Mine!!

Abusers are selfish children. They have never grown up emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. They will have their way…or else! In their own way they throw tantrums and punish people when they don’t yield to them. In fact I know children and Labradors who are more mature!

So what happened to them? Sometime, somewhere, in someplace, abusers locked into immaturity. They chose to remain perpetual 3 year olds, only as they grew physically and more sophisticated in evil and obtained more resources, the harm they do became much greater than a 3 year old could pull off. They are selfish, they demand their own way, they lash out at others, they lie, and they punish anyone who dare tell them the truth about themselves.

Abusers can be very intelligent people with high IQ’s. They can excel in their field of study or career. But they remain selfish, mean, children who have “give me what is mine, or else” plastered on their person.

Will they ever grow up? Nope. It won’t happen and if you think you can fix them you will only have hard and painful lessons ahead of you.


The “Right Now” in the Moment Thinking of the Abuser


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  1. SH

    “They can excel in their field of study or career. ”

    Only if they have underlings, who are naive and sheltered from the abuse, the RASN relys solely on and a supervisor who is equally clueless. Should either of them step out of line, the underlings and/or supervisors quickly become targets. Any one who questions the RASN instantly becomes a traitorous ex-friend or disguntled ex-employee.

    The RASNs rigid inflexibilty and refusal to grow impedes any organization they are a part of – family, business, church…

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