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Dogs and Souls? More Human than RASNs?

I have been reading a true story crime book by Ann Rule entitled Every Breath You Take. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to understand with more clarity the evil of the psychopath. In my opinion, RASNs (revilers, abusers, sociopaths, narcissists) share very similar spiritual DNA with the psychopath. I should make a trigger warning about the book if you choose to read it – Rule describes very accurately and in detail the tactics the psychopath uses to enslave and terrorize his victim – in this case his wife. Also, my opinion, young people ought to read this book (and another very much liked it by Rule called Dead by Sunset). Why should they read it? Because these are the true stories of poor young women who were very intelligent, but whose lives were ruined by being duped by Mr. Wonderful.

Now, back to dogs and souls. As I read about these RASNs, it strikes me that the dogs we have had over the years (Buster, Nikki, Brandy, Sasha, Sadie, and now Cinder and Mocha) all evidenced qualities that I do not think can be explained solely by regarding them as flesh and blood organic creatures who are the products of their physical makeup. Why do I say this? Because it is very plain that they demonstrate certain “human” qualities: love, loyalty, empathy, joy, courage and probably more.

Have you ever thought about this? [The point to which I am heading is – my dog friends have all been far more human than RASNs]. I have no evidence from Scripture that animals have souls – and there certainly is a gradient in the animal kingdom in this regard. I mean, I am not arguing that all animals display these qualities. But I am saying that at least, it seems clear to me, that dogs for example, do. I even have a theory – just a theory – that we are going to meet our pets in the new heavens and earth. But then, that’s not my primary discussion here.

My point is, Mr. or Mrs. RASN – my loyal, faithful dogs are more human than you. Just read the books by Ann Rule I recommend and you will see it. There is no joy, no love, no empathy, no loyalty, no courage, in Allen Blackthorne or the others of his ilk she tells us about. These RASNs are of the devil, and thus they are not really human. The devil is an evil spirit – thoroughly evil and unredeemable. Sub-human.

And I suppose that is what I wanted to say in this post. I want to say it to all RASNs – you are sub-human. You are way, way, way down the animal kingdom scale from our furry and faithful friends.


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  1. lg

    Thank you for the book suggestions!

    I would add that pets also make us more human… or we can tell a lot about a person’s humanity by the way they treat their pets and animals.


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