I have been given the privilege of writing a weekly column at a website called America Out Loud. It is a conservative media site that is also largely like a radio station broadcasting interviews with people who are experts in current events or as we might call them, the culture wars. Here is a link to my most recent article: God and the Second Amendment. My subject is, do we have a right to self-defense. You can apply this topic to this whole issue of the RASNs in our lives who attack in various ways. Do you as a Christian have the right to report the abuse to the police or to defend yourself by obtaining a divorce?

At 10AM eastern time today (Friday, Jan 26) I am also interviewed on a program (audio broadcast) called Nurses Out Loud. The moderator, Nurse Michele, and I discuss the subject – Abuse is Murder. If you go to americaoutloud.news and select listen live talk radio at 10 am (and again at 11PM eastern) you can hear the hour long broadcast. You can also access these audio shows by using the podcast feature on your iphone or other device.