Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

A Wonderful Article: A High View of Marriage Includes Divorce by Rebecca VanDoodewaard

The following link is to a really great article which was posted on Barry York’s blog, Gentle Reformation (gentlereformation.com). Rebecca is the wife of a history professor at Puritan Theological Seminary, so it was very encouraging to me to read this. It is dated back in 2017 but a friend just called my attention to it. Thank you Rebecca!

So, here you go. Click Here to Read.


More Truths about Forgiveness (Part 2)


Making Little of Abuse


  1. Susan

    Yes it is surprising that Puritan here in Grand Rapids Michigan is associated with someone who writes like this! My personal experience (regarding a Christian woman escaping abuse) with numerous associates of that school has been very bad.

  2. Loved by God

    That really is a fantastic article.

  3. Noka

    I have not read too many Puritan books , but I’d be curious about their view of marriage. The Puritans are known for having deep insights into various doctrine so I wonder if they had such a high view of marriage that they probably wouldn’t have tolerated for a minute what we put up with today.

  4. Innoscent

    An awesome article! So many gems in there.
    It exposes the illogical and legalistic views on marriage, wich are rampant in the church today.

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