Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

I Published a Post by Mistake – Oops

Well, I hit the publish button by mistake this morning when I was trying to schedule a post on Exposing Sin and Evil is not Gossip. I had to reschedule it for next Monday and theoretically that is when it will come up. So I think if you try to read it from the notice you received this morning the link won’t work.

WordPress decided the other day that we all needed a totally different setup and look – so writing and posting now requires a new learning curve which I haven’t fully traveled yet.


The Power of Love – Really?


Be Sure that Justice is Coming


  1. Innoscent

    I look forward to your post “Exposing Sin and Evil is not Gossip”!
    Thank you for all the writing, posting, learning you do month after month. May God continue to sustain and inspire you.

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