Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Be Sure to Watch the Second Video – Does God Love Everyone?

You can watch the two videos (there will be one or two more) that we are doing as part of the Gospel of John Study, and I highly recommend that you take the time to watch this series. The best place to find it is on YouTube at our Christ Reformation Church channel. Then go to the playlist “Does God Love Everyone?” (Here is a link to the first video of this series on our YouTube channel.)
If you are an abuse victim/survivor, then you already know how damaging it is for people to march up to you and insist, “well, you know, God loves everyone and so you need to love your abuser too.” (Of course they wouldn’t call him your “abuser”).
This short phrase, “God loves everyone,” is nothing less than a false gospel with all sorts of nasty tentacles reaching out to enslave people. So please take the time to watch this series.


Focus-Shifting: It's The Tool of Blame-Shifting


The Infernal Circus Perpetrated on Children by Abusers and the Abuse of Justice

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  1. Innoscent

    Thank you Jeff for this discussion on such an important topic of the love of God. It’s been much distorted and there’s lots of confusion within Christendom.
    Yet the Bible is clear that God does not love incorrigible sinners (Ps 5.5-6; 11.5; Lev 20.23; Rom 9:13; Rev 3:16). They (abusers and the like) chose to totally identify themselves with sin that God abhors them. But the true Gospel is not palatable to many because it’s more convenient to put everyone under the ‘umbrella’ of love as you mentioned. I agree that this false gospel is dangerous and leads to the sacrifice of the innocent victims.
    Their ‘God loves everyone’ mantra is nothing less than Satan’s counterfeit.

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