Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

The Infernal Circus Perpetrated on Children by Abusers and the Abuse of Justice

This very insightful artwork is by Alix Orr.  It pictorially summarizes the typical very damaging selfishness and evil that the adult world exercises for the “benefit” of the children.  Thank you Alix!!


Be Sure to Watch the Second Video – Does God Love Everyone?


Divorce for Abuse – An argument from lesser to greater


  1. Powerful artwork, Alix!

  2. wingingit

    My children and my life right now.
    Please anyone who feels led pray for the safe return of my youngest 2 children, who we have not seen in weeks after they were taken during a visit with their father, and for God to give us justice and mercy.
    Pray for protection from any further abuse by the court and its appointed “guardians” and for full custody of my children given to me, so we can begin the long journey of healing.
    There is much terror and hopelessness after nearly 2 years of abuse through the court system.

    • IrisJane

      Wingingit, how awful, so very sorry that you and your children are going through this, it’s so wrong. Praying that the situation is resolved swiftly and they are returned to you very soon, I can’t even imagine the heartache you must be feeling.
      Strength and courage to you as you fight this battle, and comfort to your little ones, may God’s peace miraculously be with them every second and may He bring great healing to all of you when you’re together again. Hugs to you…

  3. Free

    Chilling, powerful, accurate picture.
    Wingingit – It’s hard, really hard, continue healing, when your children and you reconnect they will need you to be as ready as you can be. Praying. Know you are not alone. It gets worse, then it gets better. Just stay your course.

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