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An Update on our Friend Mack

This update was written by Mack’s wife, Rite. Mack and Rite have been faithful members of our church for over 27 years and have stood firmly together with us through many trials. As most of you know, Mack was in the hospital for four months and there were times he was not expected to live. But all of you and many others were praying:
Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since Mack had his J- tube (feeding tube) replaced by Dr Worth.
The appointment went well! Dr Worth was amazed at how good Mack looked! Dr Worth said the last CT scan his cyst was the size of a softball. This time it is the size of a golf ball! 😊 As the debris drains into his stomach and is removed from his body, it can cause nausea and vomiting. So that is the reason he has suffered from it. We are so thankful it is shrinking!
–  Mack had 2 stitches to hold the J- tube down. It was very painful around the area and slowed physical therapy. Now that the stitches have been removed he is feeling much better!
– Mack has been able to eat a tablespoon of yogurt or jello on some days! And drink a little juice 😊 without throwing up! So grateful😊❣️
-Physical therapy should resume at a faster pace now. No more pain!! He is getting stronger every day!
We praise God for all His answered prayers, and all His blessings through this time❤
And, we are thankful for everyone who has helped us through these times – physically, emotionally, and through your coveted prayers❣️We are so grateful to each one-off you ❤
Love, in Christ
Mack and Rite


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  1. Thank you for the update, and praise God for His goodness. I can’t imagine what a trying time this has been for Mack and Rite. I pray Mack’s health continues to improve and that Rite can rest knowing he is in good hands – both human and supernatural!

  2. We are so thankful for this good news! What strength God has given to Rite and Mack to get through such an ordeal!
    We continue to pray for them both.
    Thank you for sharing the update, Jeff

  3. Such a long ordeal and thankful that this precious couple are continuing steadfast in the Lord. Thank you for the update. Continuing to pray. <3

  4. IrisJane

    Wonderful news, thank you so much for the update! Praying for continued blessings of healing and strength, and for Mack’s eating and drinking to become easier each day!🙏💞

  5. Innoscent

    Thank you Jeff for posting Rite’s update on her husband. It sounds like Mack has come a long way and both are putting their trust the Lord. I will keep them in my prayers.

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