Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Shamelessly Plugging "In My Father's House"

Most of you know already that we published this small book recently. It is available on Amazon,  just go there and search under my name or the book’s title. (and here is a link for your convenience*)  I am posting this reminder because I really believe this is an extremely helpful and important tool for all of you and for people you know.  Why? Because it enables people to get a clear handle on the big, big, main theme of the Bible. It clears away the fog and turns on the lights of understanding about just what God is doing for us in Christ. And it does so in very few pages.
This blog is the primary arena for getting the word out about the book, so I would very much appreciate it if you all could help spread the word.
And by the way, a second short book of similar format, illustrated, is going to be published soon called, Who is a Christian? You all know how important that subject is for a day in which there is no clear answer to that question, but there are many false answers to it. Most all of us have been recipients of abuse as a result.  So keep an eye out for it. And…we are still moving closer to publishing a 330 page book called Wise as Serpents: Growing Wise to the Evil Among Us.

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**A Surprising Ally of the Abuser


**Another Look at the Abuser as Reviler


  1. IrisJane

    Wonderful, congratulations! These truth telling books are so needed today, thank you! Looking forward to reading all three, and especially the Wise as Serpents book as your sermon series of the same was such an eye opening affirmation of all I had seen and been through. This will be a huge help in the wolves continuing to be exposed!

    • Jeff Crippen

      IrisJane – Thank you. Yes, I think that these kinds of publications will help people quite a lot. One of the biggest open doors for the wicked to come into our churches and abuse people is that WE don’t clearly understand the Bible and as a result we fail to use our Sword and Shield as we should. Understanding the big, main theme of the Bible (God’s intent to dwell with us as His people and we with Him) also clarifies the sub-themes such as “Who is a Christian?” And we all here at least know how a false answer to that question results in abusers and other wicked wolves being able to hide in the church and oppress the sheep.

      • IrisJane

        Yes Pastor Crippen, having the real truth of the Bible preached in churches and less of the sunshine and rainbows dogma that is the norm is so desperately needed. I pray that your new books will be a catalyst for this and will remove the myriad of rose colored glasses that the church has been passing out and deceiving their sheep into wearing.
        It’s pretty exciting really that the biblical truths you’ve written and preached about are going out into the world, and will slowly but surely disrupt the wolves status quo. May each book be blessed as it goes forth and conquers! Again, thank you.

  2. frankiesmith2064

    Love to you and your Pastor Crippen. Sending love and much appreciation to You, your beautiful wife and your congregation.
    Thank you all—words cant say how much you are appreciated and loved. Smiles and hugs to all of you!!!

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