Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

RASNs want to make you look bad so no one will listen to you

2Co 10:10 For they say, “His letters are weighty and strong, but his bodily presence is weak, and his speech of no account.”

The Apostle Paul had many enemies. They were constantly at work to try to discredit him and the gospel he preached. Why? Because they saw him as a threat to their power and control. The same reasons the Jewish leaders slandered and ultimately killed Jesus.

The truth is a terrible threat to the wicked. RASNs (revilers, abusers, sociopaths, narcissists), as you know, are energized by power and control. They demand adoration and service. As I recently heard a forensic psychologist say, the ultimate power and control lust is seen in the serial killer who is demonically excited through the exercise of life or death over his victim.

One way that RASNs maintain their P&C over others is to tear down any credibility their target victim might have with others. The tell lies about the victim. They make the victim appear crazy. They make overt and covert accusations. All of these tactics are designed to make the victim appear unreliable in the eyes of others so that when the victim speaks truth about the RASN, they are going to be disregarded.

Satan hates God’s Word and those who proclaim it. That is why the Bible records all kinds of conspiracies launched by the wicked against God’s servants. Truth is light and it exposes darkness, and that the enemy just cannot have.


They Never Ask about You


RASNs Don’t Get “Better”


  1. Cordelia

    There was a very wicked man at the company I work for; within 3 minutes of meeting him I was alarmed. I told a confident I felt a darkness from him. I actually had a panic attack after the 2nd day of being around him. I began researching his name and found public legal documents that he was a felon not once, but twice; he disobeyed the Judges order from the 1st ruling. This evil man is also a mocker. Without disclosing his legal offences I warned the women in the office to keep their physical distance from him; he would get inappropriately close to me. I told him he was no longer allowed in my office. They initially “poo pooed” my words and called him “a nice old man.” Then one day he put his hands on a young female staffer. When I told the Owner he said, “If only you told me; I wouldn’t have believed you, but since the victim finally came forward, after I disclosed the illegal incident, he believed her. The Owner KNOWS I’m a Domestic Violence Victim; he loves to discount and shame me for the ability to sniff out abusers. It’s his ego; didn’t want to admit he put us all in jeopardy with that freak in our building. A.k.a. afraid of a law suit, so he down played everything and tried to make it look like I’m crazy.

  2. Cordelia

    I forgot a real kicker! This wicked man became well aware I was not a fan due to him making a veiled threat his 1st day on the job. About 3 days later he made it a point to have a copy of a Bible out on his desk. Now, it wasn’t a brand new edition, but neither did it look like it was read that much; when closed the pages were too tightly together. I don’t ever remember seeing it again after that day. He never spoke of Jesus or God the Father or the Holy Spirit.

    He barely produced any work. He constantly interrupted everyone with non-work related chatter. He *bragged* to me about collecting a salary, even though he was constantly on his cell or running non-work related errands. He enjoyed and relished “getting away” with all this, until I put together the whole enchilata for my boss, then that dude was toast. Good riddens!


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