Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Jeff Crippen Interview on America Out Loud

America Out Loud is a talk show/podcast forum at americaoutloud.news where Jeff was recently interviewed on the Nurses Out Loud program. Part two of the interview aired at 10AM this morning (eastern time) and will repeat this evening (Dec 8, 2023) at 11PM eastern time.

The interviewer, Nurse Michele, is a longtime friend of Unholy Charade and did a really great job putting this program together.

If you select America Out Loud podcasts on the website page, or download the America Out Loud app, you can listen to all of the programs, part 1 & 2 in podcast form. Nurses Out Loud podcasts can also be found with your Apple podcast app and other popular podcast apps.

We are very thankful to Michele and America Out Loud for enabling us to speak on the evils of RASNs to a larger audience.


RASNs Don’t Get “Better”


What Does Spiritual Pride in the RASN Look Like?

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  1. Part One of Jeff’s interview with Nurse Michele was simply outstanding. Direct link here: https://www.americaoutloud.news/domestic-abuse-evil-within-the-church/


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