Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Trust in the Lord at all Times

Luk 18:7-8 And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? (8) I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

Standing for Christ in a wicked world where RASNs (revilers, abusers, sociopaths, narcissists) and and all sorts of evil abound can be a lonely affair. In fact, we can be assured that it will be. In Noah’s day the church numbered, 8! And before Noah had children he lived for 500 years. In those days the church numbered, most probably, ONE! But Noah persevered in faith as the Lord sustained him.

Here are some great words from John Calvin for just such times as the days of Noah –

We need to note that we should not seek, as the world sees it, great solemnity or ostentation (ie, pretentious displays of wealth and glitter to impress others) in the church. And if on occasion the church is hidden and seems to be trodden under foot and we do not know where to find it, we must not be troubled or offended by that. Why not? Let us allow God to work in His own way. And let us not doubt that He will always keep for himself some people in whose midst He will be worshiped and served.

Calvin’s Sermons on Genesis, Banner of Truth Trust

There have been many times in history, and even at present, when we would think that there was no hope for the church. But God maintains and preserves His church – always. Here is Calvin again:

Therefore, let us put that teaching into practice when it pleases God to let the world go its way, and everyone is like wild animals, when all reject both bridle and yoke, when rebellion in the order of the day and they even throw themselves wildly into evil as if wanting to wage war against God and serve Satan.

When we see all those things taking place and we do not know where to look for faithful believers to keep fellowship with, let us always be convinced that God will take care of His church. So let us not linger among the vast majority. Let us not seek out what looks good; rather let us be content that God will not permit the church to be completely wiped out and that He will preserve some remnant for Himself.


Very fitting and appropriate words for us today. Elijah thought he was the only one left of God’s people. He was wrong. Seven thousand more had refused to bow to Baal.


Satan is the Deceiver


Why do we Pretend?


  1. Dee

    ‘Just want to say thank you, Pastor Crippen. This is a most timely message many of us (targeted individuals) need to hear to endure what we have been going through.

    (Details of abuse have been edited to protect identity.)

    This (the detailed abuse) is so unbelievable, I know, & far worse than one can imagine… We serve a God who is righteous and just, & we know He sees all & will never leave nor forsake. God bless you, Pastor Crippen, for standing for truth in this very difficult world.

  2. Dee

    Thank you again, Pastor Crippen, for the added protection. After submitting it, I did have grave concern. Many blessings to you and your ministry.

  3. “Let us not linger among the vast majority.” Amen!! I no longer have the desire nor the energy to be among so-called Christians who compromise the Truth, believe in a false gospel (“God loves everyone unconditionally” and “we must have unity in the church no matter what”), and give in to current ideological delusions of lying about people’s gender “in the name of love.” Praise God “He will preserve some remnant for Himself.”

    • Thank you Veronica. No doubt when Antichrist appears and establishes his “church,” the vast majority of people will gladly embrace his religion of “inclusiveness.” Even now that spirit is in the visible church and if we reject it, “friends” will become enemies.

    • Z

      Hi Veronica,
      I’m with you! I will not linger among the vast majority. No matter how lonely and isolating it feels. No matter how unjust it IS that I, as the ONLY truth telling victim of a “vast majority” clan of abusers and abuse enablers and embracers, was targeted for more and more abuses and then finally extreme violence violence. No matter that I send to be the ONLY ONE being punished or having negative consequences result from going No Contact with all those complicit. Because I would not bow!
      But I get comfort here on this blog when I read comments like yours and “Dee’s” and “Let us not…’s” and I don’t feel so alone among the vast minority who stand for truth, righteousness and justice and who have suffered because of our steadfast courage. God has been there carrying us all SO personally.
      I’d add that it pains me to read blogs of “men of God” who I used to respect and who formerly showed themselves to have the heart of Christ-always pointing us to Him. Now they still profess to be Christians but they worship at the altar of “inclusivity” and rampage against those who hold fast to clean and healthy values based on the commands of God. We are basically called bigots if we do not closely associate with and embrace those of the world of LGBTQ+(????and more). So sad. All the Scriptures that say we in this world but are not to be OF this world, walking with the corrupt/immoral corrupts good morals, do not walk in step with the wicked…and many others which are God’s protection of His remnant! We are to be separate from those who embody sin against God unrepentantly! That’s not bigotry! We leave God to judge the people of the world. We try to show them the only way to God and eternal life is repentance from their sins and being born again in Jesus. But we don’t condone explicitly or implicitly any perverted sinful life choices people are living in by enmeshing ourselves in those people and their chosen lifestyles which are against God’s Word. I’ve seen more and more of this happening in the visible church as well as online Christian articles, Christian music, Christian blogs…and it disappoints me.
      I’ll admit, sometimes the people of the world who are living in open defiance to God’s laws seem to be “nicer” and easier to get along with than some Christians. Less harsh. Less judgmental. More empathetic. And that’s sad. But it’s a trap of satan to infiltrate the broken hearts of those like us who have been ostracized by our so-called (fraudulent) Christian families, relatives, friends, church communities, elders, pastors, Christian counselors…Satan thinks we’ll be desperate for human connection and take up with any offers of friendship. Compromising our own faith, allegiance to Jesus and maybe even our salvation. But we won’t linger with the masses! No matter how lonely it feels! Jesus Immanuel is ALWAYS with us! He hasn’t failed me yet! Take heart. Jesus has overcome this world. Let’s keep our eyes looking UP for His help and His return! God bless all.

  4. Let us not…

    As the holidays approach there are flashback moments to the covert deceptive games of the toxic family of origin …. and its primary RASN ring leaders….and the RASNs that in inevitably followed for decades thereafter. Then….. on days when the weight of that load starts to creep back in….. a message such as this shows up in the inbox. Thank you Pastor Crippen for the reminders…..
    Let us not linger amongst the vast majority……. Elijah faced it… as do we… 7000 did not bow then and 7000+ more won’t now.

  5. Dee

    Z, practically every word you stated is my own situation. That may be because RASNs seem to all operate from the same script that comes from their father, the devil. Jesus said this for a reason : “Don’t give what is holy to the dogs or toss your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under feet, turn, and tear you to pieces.” MT 7:6

    • Z

      I’m so sorry to hear that your experiences were similar to mine. I sadly know the damage these “swine” cause in our emotions and our bodies even for many years after we cut these cancers out of our lives. As well as anyone who supports or “reports” to them. Many “double agents” duped me at first. Playing both sides. Giving access to me (to those who they know want to destroy me) with their information gathering and passing it on to them. That too is so evil. They ALL exposed themselves or God’s spirit led my spirit to discern that the entire clan was working out of that satanic playbook you referred to.
      So even though we might have cast our pearls before many swine for many years due to false teachings, we broke FREE! With the help of God Himself. He made ways for us to have eyes to see and ears to hear and then He made ways for us to escape them when we didn’t know how we could do it. I’m guessing you had a fear like I did of being so isolated in life if you cut ties with every RASN and every ally, enabler or bystander/neutral about their known evil. For me that was EVERYONE. And years later I’m still isolated with my husband for our protection. Feels like I got the punishment but I’d rather be overly cautious with new people (most have shown red flags early on anyway!) than to ever be duped again. Or to repeat the mistake of “thinking the best of everyone” despite the fruit they show me. We have Jesus as our ROCK and our constant companion.
      I’m bombarded with messages from articles and Christian blogs, devotions, writers, Christian “trauma experts”…who keep saying “you can’t heal without a community”. It’s starting to irk me! Yes I CAN heal without other people. My healing comes from above. My God is able to do whatever He pleases. He got me OUT of a toxic “community” of satan followers. He will tenderly watch over me and my husband and provide the REAL family I had foolishly wished for (that led me to tolerate their poisonous crumbs). No. God wants more for you and for me! And if that means just us and Jesus, God our Father and the Holy Spirit as our new Family, I’ll take it any day! My REAL FAMILY is in heaven right now singing loud songs of rejoicing over me and you! THAT is the essence of what we truly always wanted. So I focus on that image!
      God bless you, Dee, as you recover from this scourge of demonic familial damage. Remember, Jesus is ALWAYS for us, interceding for us to the Father for what is best for us. Let that bring you great comfort. You HAVE a real and perfect family in heaven!
      God bless you and keep you, my sister. ♥️


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