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The “Fluid” Truth of the Wicked

A friend recently sent me her thoughts on how the wicked so often deny God’s truth and make it ebb and flow according to their own twisted purposes. She said:

I was thinking about truth. Christians believe that truth is measurable – that is, truth is true or not true. If we deny truth or change it for some benefit, guilt consumes (the Christian conscience).

Not so the deceiver. That person has a ‘fluid’ truth. It flows to whatever that person sees as the biggest advantage to him or her. A dishonest (abusive) person cannot be helped in the long term because it is their mode of operation – this fluidity. They believe that everyone else is here just for their own use to make them look good.

This all relates to subjects and examples that we have often discussed here.

  • The Double Standard
  • Blame shifting
  • Crazy making

The wicked insist that everyone else (and especially those around them) embrace and uphold their lies and deceptions. We are bound, in their view, to be like the press secretary who announces lies and demands we all work to further the propaganda. Dissension is quickly punished. Problems are all our fault, not the real perpetrator’s.

The fluidity of truth, you see. First it flows that way, then it flows this way. Truth is whatever the wicked say that it is. And I suppose this is at least one major reason why God demands confession of sin. An admission of the lies and an acknowledgment of real truth. Because God’s truth – true truth – is rigid and unbending. It is what God says it is, and the course that it runs is the narrow way.


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