Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Some Very Important Points (from Lynn)

Lynn, our friend who follows this blog, recently made a lengthy comment in response to the post which asked if we are stupid if we repeatedly get duped by evil. I want to highlight the points Lynn made in several articles so that each one gets maximum exposure. Thank you Lynn. These points helped me quite a lot as well.

So here is the first:

It is critical that you diligently study the Bible and compare what anyone else says to scripture. Test the spirit of the person to see if they’re from God. Getting the right handling of the core doctrines of faith is key, but you mustn’t stop there. It’s about the practical application of those doctrines that reveal the heart of a person. Become wise about the nature of evil, what it looks like. Many of us have been trapped by twisted theology that has kept us in bondage because we didn’t fully understand the nature of evil and how it parades itself as an angel of light. Be willing to mine your past experiences to see what lessons you can learn from them so that you stop repeating the patterns that are resulting in you being abused. Knowing what not to do is just as powerful as knowing what to do.

This is why I increasingly have been encouraging abuse victims and others to go to the Christ Reformation Church youtube channel and start going through the 1 John Bible study series there. We also have other video series too but 1 John is a great starter because it will help you sort out all the false unbiblical, well, garbage, that most of us have been taught in church.

It really is true – we MUST study Scripture ourselves and compare what others are claiming the Bible says with what we ourselves read. You can also grab a copy of my book Wise as Serpents off of Amazon and read it as a help in wising up about evil. For example, a huge barrier that keeps victims in abuse is that they have been told that their abuser is a Christian, just like he claims. He isn’t, and the Bible plainly says so. Once you realize that, other things start to become much clearer.

Here then is the first point Lynn made. The next post will have another insight into lessons she learned in the school of hard knocks.


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  1. Anonymous

    “Study the Bible and compare what anyone else says to scripture” and “become wise about the nature of evil and what is looks like” are great pieces of wise counsel. Because without knowing what scripture says we don’t know what evil looks like or how to respond to it. Thank you Lynn.

  2. S

    Currently studying the book of John , doing my own, as well as CRC’s study, and I read this in FB Meyer’s commentary concerning John 16:1-11:

    “The world comes to us first with her fascinations and delights. She comes next with her frons and tortures. Behind her is her prince. He, however, exists only by sufferance. Meet him as a discredited foe. He has been judged and condemned. For the Church there awaits victory and freedom; for the world, the flesh, and the devil, hopeless defeat – the bottomless pit and the lake of fire.”

    Sometimes I feel that I am learning too much about evil, like it’s a guilty pleasure or something. Other times I am reminded that it is my responsibility.

  3. Amy

    Very good points, especially reading and studying scriptures yourself to see what God’s Word really says.
    I did this very thing when years ago my abusive ex walked out and I filed for divorce. Everywhere I turned another person told me “but God hates divorce”! Finally, I grabbed my bible and asked myself, what exactly does Malachi 2:16 really say. Interestingly, I read that verse over and over, then realized I needed to see what ALL of Malachi 2 was about because that one verse came at the end of that chapter. I felt like my eyes were opened and I kept asking myself, “why doesn’t anyone else see what I see, how God hates abuse more than the divorce? Why doesn’t anyone else read what I read? Am I wrong in what I’m reading in this passage?”

    So yes, grab your bible and prayer for God to help you understand His Word. See for yourself what His Word says.



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