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Update on our friend Mack's Condition

Thank you all for continuing to pray for Mack and his wife Rite (prounounced “reet”). Mack remains in acute rehab about 50 miles away from us, which is closer than the initial hospital he was in. He has had ups and downs and some times of intense pain.
However, we are encouraged with the progress he is showing and hope that his date of coming back home (it has been 42 days now) will be soon. His pancreas is still not at all back to normal, but his kidneys are fully functional and that is a huge hurdle crossed.
The covid thing still prevents any visitors but we are able to talk with him through his ground floor window and that is a giant advantage over ICU.
Mack and Rite and all of us here really do greatly appreciate all of you praying for them. We will keep you updated as change occurs.


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  1. Innoscent

    Thank you Jeff for the update. What an ordeal for this couple.. I’ll continue to pray for grace and strength for Mack and Rite, may the Lord’s will be done.

  2. frankiesmith2064

    Jesus please heal Mack and comfort and help Rite.

  3. IrisJane

    It’s nice to hear good news, thank you for the update. Continued prayers for both…and may God heal, bless, and strengthen their spirits as well as Mack’s body.
    By the way, a neighbor of mine had a kidney AND pancreas transplant several years ago and she’s thriving. Of course good old fashioned healing is much preferred, but if necessary, it does exist, which I hadn’t know up until she had one. She was a severe diabetic her whole life, and now she’s not…a true miracle.

  4. Mindy


  5. The poor man. The update is much-appreciated. Praying for healing.

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