Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Another New Book is Now Available on Amazon – Light for Dark Times

We have just published another new book, Light for Dark Times: An Arsenal of Truth to Expose Domestic Abuse.  

It is a compilation of 96 blog posts from Unholy Charade put into book form and you can order it now on Amazon. [I inserted the front cover image here and put the Amazon link on it. If it doesn’t work, just go search for my name or the book title on Amazon]. This is the description from the back cover:

This book is a kind of arsenal. Battle armor, you might say, to be used defensively and offensively against evil, and specifically against the evil we call abuse. Here I have put into print form (with the help of several excellent friends) some articles which are taken from my blog, Unholy Charade (unholycharade.com) If you follow the blog, you will recognize many of them.I hope that it is an arsenal of the Lord’s truth and not just my opinions. Blog post topics almost always come to my mind when I am reading the Bible, or when something many of you have written to me turns my thinking toward a particular Scripture. We need such an arsenal to help us wield the Sword the Lord has given us in His Word to be used to expose and destroy the evil weaponry that strives to oppose Christ and His people.


Men's and Women's Ministries as a Seedbed for Abuse


Please Pray for Mack and His Wife


  1. Congratulations!!
    We are so excited, Jeff! Keep the books coming!
    God is using your courage and gifts to effectively arm us for the battle against evil. We realize it isn’t simply through your opinion that He’s providing this, but through the biblical wisdom and insight of His Word that He has given to you – for all of us!

  2. Leslie

    I’m reading Wise as Serpents right now and I read Unholy Charade last year.
    I’m so grateful for the truth from a pastor for once.
    Thank you for your ministry. I pray for you and your family and thank God for you regularly!
    I’ll have to get this book next.
    I love that I’ll be able to hand it to someone and say, “here’s some light for you, friend.”

    • Jeff Crippen

      Thank you Leslie! I am really glad you found the books and that they are a help to you. And thank you for praying for us.

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