Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Dr. Les Carter Nails it Here

I cannot tell you how many times I have been caused misery by the narcissist Dr. Les Carter is describing here in this 15 minute clip. Be sure that you listen to it. This is how evil typically disguises itself among us and I have particularly found it to be so within churches. These kind will do all they can to use you and to ultimately destroy you if they can.

This is the Link – 8 Ways Narcissists Perpetuate Their Own Woundedness

NOTE: Don’t let the term “woundedness” lead you to pity the narcissist. That would be a mistake.


The Blinding Deceit of Spiritual Evil


The Lord Hates Bribery


  1. Still Learning

    Dr. Carter is a very wise man. I have been listening to his videos for a few years and appreciate his wisdom and clarity in describing a narcissists way of doing life and how they destroy those in their life.

  2. Yes, everything he said was spot on. And the comments left on Dr. Carter’s video by my fellow MALE victims of Narcissistic abuse was EXTREMELY validating. Made me feel heard. Thanks Jeff for this excellent referral…

  3. yes, he nailed it

    Thank you for posting this! Dr. Carter has a realistic take on what it is, how it looks, and somehow he ends his tough news on a light, boundary-affirming note. Many a time he has unpacked the horrible and twisted mess it is for the one sandwiched inbetween a twisted narcissist biological parent, their passively and overtly enabling religious-guilting spouse (the other parent), and the betrayal and torture endured when trying to leave a RASN abuser spouse who was the absolute worst character combination of both biological parents… multiplied by so many levels…. and all the while the biological parents covered for the RASN abuser by claiming innocence (as they deceived and looked the other way). Dr. Carter brought a complex situation to an easily applicable position.

  4. Holly

    I don’t agree with the descriptions used to describe narcissists in this video. In my experience, a narcissist’s anger is not evident except to the one or two people who live with him most closely and not until they are completely under his control financially or otherwise. In every other setting, that narcissist appears to be a very good-humored person. Same with trusting: The narcissist does not seem untrusting until you have gotten to know him very well under the circumstances just described. In every other scenario, he doesn’t appear to have trust issues at all. In fact, the ones with perpetual anger and trust issues which can be easily detected are usually the VICTIMS of narcissistic abuse.

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