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Update on Mack – Good News from the Doctor

Rite (Mack’s wife) sent the following good news update this morning. Please continue to pray for Mack and Rite. He still has a long way to go:

Dr McCord update:
– This morning they checked his labs and Mack’s kidneys are functioning on their own❣️❣️ Dr McCord said it is amazing how they are doing❣️ I told him it is answered prayers, that there are many praying for him. The dr said it is a nerve racking time to let him go to rehab, but they will keep a close eye on him there.
– Mack will have a follow up with his surgeon, Dr Worst, later to see about the fluids around his kidneys. The fluids are the reason he will continue with tube feeding, to bypass the pancreas.Once he is stronger, and the cyst has matured, they may remove it.
– They will check around next Wednesday to see if he needs dialysis.
Thank you fro the support and prayers ❣️you are all so much appreciated ❤


Please Pray for Mack and His Wife


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  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!! We will keep Mack and Rite in our prayers. To God be all the glory!

  2. Thank you for the ‘good news’ update.
    “The dr said it is a nerve racking time to let him go to rehab, but they will keep a close eye on him there.” The Lord has a close eye on him, too! <3
    Continuing to pray. 🙏

  3. frankiesmith2064

    This is beautiful.
    Are our prayers being answered because we’re the remnant??? YES!!
    True Christians under the lords care. He hears our cries and he will always be there for us even when we don’t understand or cannot feel his touch. What a beautiful reminder I’m so happy🙏🏻

  4. IrisJane

    Wonderful news…thank you Lord! And thank you for the update, they were in my heart so often today. Continued prayers…🙏

  5. Innoscent

    Thanks for the update Jeff. Great news… thank you Lord.
    Continuing in prayer for Mack, his wife and family.

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