Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

It is Vital that You Listen to Our Sermon Series "You Must be Born Again"

Do you understand why this is probably the most important verse in the Old Testament? And do you understand what this verse has to do with the fact that you, a Christian, a child of promise, have been so wickedly treated by people who (in most cases) are people who claim to be Christians?

Gen 15:6  And he believed the LORD, and he counted it to him as righteousness.

Let me invite you to allow me to show you the answers to these questions.

As you probably know, each Sunday we put a PDF, an audio, and a video version of my Sunday sermons which I deliver at Christ Reformation Church online at Sermon Audio and Youtube.  For some time now I have been going through the Gospel of Matthew, but for the last 6 Sundays (and for one final 7th one tomorrow – June 2nd), I have been going into depth regarding the only remedy for the fallen human heart – the new birth, you must be born again. This 7-part series is actually part of the series on Matthew (thus it is listed under the series, The Gospel of Matthew, sermons 58-64).
This is a crucial series of messages for everyone, but it is particularly important that domestic abuse victims and survivors hear it. Why? Because I am showing from Scripture the fundamental reason so many of you have been abused by an abuser who claims to be a Christian, AND the reason why you have been so sorely treated by your church and supposed fellow Christians.  Tomorrow’s final sermon in the series, part 7, in particular shows from Paul’s words in Galatians 3 and 4 why this has been your experience.
And I would very much recommend to all of you that you regularly listen to my sermons each week – not because I am trying to be some celebrity preacher (I detest celebrities in the church), but because the Lord has taught me from hard experience with abusers how so much of His Word addresses these very trials, exposing the evil for what it is, and affirming that we really do belong to Christ.  All of this I want to share with as many of you as I can.  Want to understand the big picture of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation? This 7-part series on the new birth will take you quite a long ways in that understanding (I would also recommend my series In My Father’s House that you can find at sermonaudio.com/crc. Just look under the sermon series menu and you will find it listed there along with many other sermon series.)
You can access the sermons at sermonaudio.com/crc and also at our Youtube channel (Unholy Charade).  The current week’s sermon and the Christ Reformation Church order of service for that week (with links to the hymns we sing in that service) are published every Sunday morning at Light for Dark Times. I promise you that you will hear sound teaching from Scripture without any of the nonsense that is a plague is most local churches today. And you are always welcome to email me at swordtrowel@gmail.com with questions and comments regarding the sermon.
“You Must be Born Again” sermon series links to Sermon Audio:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7


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  1. eagerlabs

    Listened to 1-6 several times now..looking forward to #7! Also…please pray for my son ..tomorrow he is rebuking an evil ” reformed” heretic. Also me and my family please:) thanks!!!!:)

  2. walkinginlight

    I love to listen to the sermons however it is difficult for me to hear without holding my laptop up near my shoulder. I have the volume turned up as far as it will go and still have to hold my laptop up to hear really well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Jeff Crippen

      Have you tried listening at both sermon audio and youtube? Also check to see if there is a second volume control on the SA or youtube site in addition to the one on your computer.

    • Also, Walkinginlight, if your laptop has a plug-in for headphones you may find using headphones (ones that fit over your ears) or earbuds (the ones that fit inside your ears) helpful.

      • healinginhim

        I’m not always able to ‘sit-down’ in order to hear the messages, however, for several years I have received automatic downloads via my Apple I-pod acct. I listen to them quite often during my ‘walks’ and quite often re-listen to them when I have access to the hymn links via Light For Dark Times.
        The earphones or ear-bud suggestions are worth trying. I often have to wear them while in the house because the man I married wants no part of what he refers to as “my faith”; “my hole.”
        Thank you Pastor Crippen and TWBTC for faithfully ministering to us.

  3. walkinginlight

    Thank you everyone for the helpful advice. I will give it a try and see if it works me. Hope everyone has a peaceful and blessed week. I am still reeling from all of the tornadoes that hit Memorial day night (here in Ohio) The Lord spared us but it is still upsetting to see the carnage of it all for others.

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