Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church

Encouragement from the Psalms

We have added a new page to the top menu bar under the SCRIPTURE tab. In addition to our collection of “Twisted Scripture” articles, you will now find a collection of thirteen different Psalms for your encouragement. And with most of them Pastor Crippen has written a few thoughts. We have entitled it appropriately “Encouragement from the Psalms”.  We hope you find them to be a blessing!


Abusive Tactics: Telling Victims What to Think


Final Update on Giving for Abuse Survivor's Tax Bill – Paid in Full

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  1. Amy

    This is wonderful! I read through the Psalms after my ex walked out 10 years ago and they gave me such comfort. I put my name in the them and found my worth and a healing touch for those dark days.

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