Encouragement from the Psalms

We have added a new page to the top menu bar under the SCRIPTURE tab. In addition to our collection of “Twisted Scripture” articles, you will now find a collection of thirteen different Psalms for your encouragement. And with most of them Pastor Crippen has written a few thoughts. We have entitled it appropriately “Encouragement from the Psalms”.  We hope you find them to be a blessing!


2 thoughts on “Encouragement from the Psalms

  1. Natalie

    My Papaw, the most Godly man I ever knew, loved the psalms. Read them almost every day. When he was dying of cancer, he had me sit on his bed with him and read the psalms. He loved the idea that one day he would “fly away” home. His peace during dying gave our family peace and he used these scriptures to comfort US as he died. Thanks for creating this encouragement for us, Jeff.

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  2. Amy

    This is wonderful! I read through the Psalms after my ex walked out 10 years ago and they gave me such comfort. I put my name in the them and found my worth and a healing touch for those dark days.


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