Update: Kelly Orr’s Tuition Costs have been met!

Thank you to everyone for responding so quickly and generously. It only took a few days to receive enough to completely cover Kelly’s required studies to obtain her state licensing as a therapist/counselor.

Now all that is left is for Kelly to do the really hard work at her university. As we said earlier, she has already been accepted into the program which will take one school year to complete over and above the masters degree she already holds.

May the Lord bless and use Kelly in a great way in days to come. I am sure she will be a tremendous new resource and help to victims and survivors of this evil of abuse.

Kelly Orr Tells Her Story of Abuse

Our good friends Kelly Orr and Alice Childers traveled out to Tillamook this last weekend and Kelly told the story of the abuse she suffered not only at the hands of her ex-spouse, but also from her ex-church and pastor. She made the presentation during the Sunday morning class time and we livestreamed it on The CRC Facebook page. This link here is from our channel at Youtube.

Kelly and her children are amazing survivors and genuine Christians. Fred and Alice (you may have seen me introduce Fred some months back in the Sunday morning class when he visited here) are also incredible people who, along with their children, have also suffered for Christ.

So be sure and listen to Kelly’s presentation here. And Orthodox Presbyterians – if you hear this, it is a call for your denomination to repent of what was done to Kelly.