Kelly Orr Tells Her Story of Abuse

Our good friends Kelly Orr and Alice Childers traveled out to Tillamook this last weekend and Kelly told the story of the abuse she suffered not only at the hands of her ex-spouse, but also from her ex-church and pastor. She made the presentation during the Sunday morning class time and we livestreamed it on The CRC Facebook page. This link here is from our channel at Youtube.

Kelly and her children are amazing survivors and genuine Christians. Fred and Alice (you may have seen me introduce Fred some months back in the Sunday morning class when he visited here) are also incredible people who, along with their children, have also suffered for Christ.

So be sure and listen to Kelly’s presentation here. And Orthodox Presbyterians – if you hear this, it is a call for your denomination to repent of what was done to Kelly.

8 thoughts on “Kelly Orr Tells Her Story of Abuse

  1. wingingit

    Kelly gives hope to those of us still living through this right now.

    As I watch my children struggle to overcome the lies of their earthly father, and as I do so myself, it is powerful to hear that there is still hope for the children and me to end up still together and healed.

    Please pray for God’s supernatural power and grace for those of us who are being further abused in the court system.

    The evil of the enemy abounds in family court, churches, and child protective organizations today.

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  2. Rae

    If the victim(s) is waiting for true repentance from the abuser(s) Please stop waiting. Cling to Gods promise of a just reward for the wicked. I burn with righteous anger when I think about a pastor and his allies the harm done in what they think was the right biblical way of dealing with me. I am free of the toxic abuse my ex and the fake church has inflicted on me. I like Kelly get emotional when looking back at the heavy spiritual abuse that was dropped like an anchor to drown me. But Christ is now my true anchor of hope and restoration.


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  3. Not just the OP, Lutherans, too. In my case, ones whose doctrine was simply too good for one of the more conservative versions of Lutherans, too. Even my H at one point commented that his FOO was “like a cult”. He’s never repeated it since, but definitely there are footsteps to follow!

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  4. Inspired

    Kelly, Your story was gut wrenching – yet very, very, very relatable. It is also so very inspiring to see your major steps to freedom and how clearly you saw and see what the multiple abusers are and were doing to you, your children and so many others. Praise God you are away from the very evil collective group!!!

    Thank you for writing your book and telling your story. Your voice is strong, informed and confident in the Lord – and your story is one that speaks volumes to atrocity and blindness in the church body at large. It is a reminder to those of us who are still working in regaining our voices that were stolen from us by the abusers and their supporters.

    Thank you for sharing your courageous story – which has only just begun. You are not alone!

    God bless you precious sister.

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  5. When you truly discover that one bears all the marks of a reprobate, and have not come to this conclusion rashly, but generally over a long period of time, you may be at peace in not praying for their salvation, and never shed a single tear for them as long as you shall live. For their condition and the eschatological fate they are to suffer have become fixed as a result of the commission of gross, high-handed sins against the Most High God. Their end is destruction.

    God will mock the mockers and cut asunder the slanderers with the sword of his truth on the day of judgement. He will have no mercy upon them as they had no mercy upon the victims of their malice, lies, and abuse.

    The Lord Jesus Christ loves righteousness and hates lawlessness (Heb. 1.9); the evil hate unrighteousness and love lawlessness. The holy ones of God (i.e. saints) will rejoice with the holy angels when the Lord Jesus casts the Slanderer and his most evil children into the fire of the age to come. There shall be no mercy mixed with the wrath of the Lamb for those who love evil.

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  6. Innoscent

    Dear Kelly,
    I was deeply moved by your story as it resonated with my own in so many points. It’s pure torture what you and your children have endured, as well as the other women who had to deal with fake and satanic leaders and members. A synagogue of Satan for sure.

    I was also encouraged by your perseverance throughout this massive ordeal. Thank God for the Chidlers who stood by you, and for Jeff and team for posting this.
    God bless his remnant and keep them faithful unto the end.

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  7. Melita

    I talked with an pastor from a different denomination once. I shared my battle in my own denomination to help a survivor of domestic violence. The shunning she faced, and how they stood with her abuser. They pressured her to ignore the protection order she had with good reason obtained and pressured her to reunify with the man who threated to kill her and her children. He stalked this survivor and those who helped her.
    My experience helping this survivor opened the door for an interesting conversation. This pastor friend of mine listened to me and took the names of the books I recommended (including Jeff’s) This pastor friend of mine was on a committee to decide about cases of families and rule if they were allowed to divorce or not. They were trying to set up denominational policy over this. He expressed the “battle” they faced in discerning the truth so they could say if someone could divorce on biblical grounds and who to put in church discipline, etc. I asked him why that was necessary for them to rule in that case. Most revealing was what he said about his own relationship with his wife. He mentioned things he had done that are abusive. He said he apologized, but knew he would do it again. I think the problem often is that at home the pastor is abusing his own wife. This makes him unqualified to speak and preside in these cases. Besides the fact that the church has no right to tell someone if they can divorce or not.

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