A One-Year Later Report on our Friend Mack

As most of you know, one year ago our good friend and longtime faithful elder here at Christ Reformation Church was seriously striken with a life-threatening illness. Now, one long year later, Mack and Rite are able to give us this report:

Today is the 1 year anniversary of when the ambulance came and took Mack to the hospital! He was non responsive, and  I didn’t know what was the matter.  He looked out the back of the ambulance,  then laid his head down and  thought “I’m looking for your face Lord”
As we reflect on all the surgeries and procedures he’s been through, all the recovery stages, we are thankful for the prayers of the saints, and for the steady progress  he has made. We are thankful for the faithfulness of God❣️
Today he is able to walk without a walker or cane, able to eat
again, and finally last Sunday able to attend church! It is a joy and blessing!
Going forward we are placing our faith in Christ, knowing He is in control of all things❣️
Praying for a full recovery, and we are STILL looking for His face 

Love in Christ,
Mack & Rite

Mack and Rite last Sunday at CRC, their first Sunday back in a year. And that, of course, is Vickie photobombing! Ha!


7 thoughts on “A One-Year Later Report on our Friend Mack

  1. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this good news with us. I had chills as I read, sensing the beauty of Mack’s faith and all those who love and were praying for him, and God’s mercy, grace and goodness in the midst of such a dark time for both of them.

    I pray God’s continued blessing on Mack and Rite’s lives. Theirs is a powerful testimony!

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      1. Concerned friend

        So thankful to hear this. So thankful for the family of God that can bear one another’s burdens but also rejoice together when there is an amazing answer to prayer.

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