Info Regarding Our Livestream Broadcasts

If you watch our Sunday morning class and worship service or our Wednesday 10AM Bible study livestreams, no doubt you will see (as we experienced this morning) freeze ups due to bad internet connections – or whatever. After a livestream we upload to youtube and to and often those uploads are better than the Facebook livestream.

But we are also going to set up a second iphone camera to record (no internet use) the Bible study on Wednesdays in addition to the other camera that is livestreaming on Facebook. Then we will upload the recorded video to youtube and sermon audio. Long story short, if you have trouble with internet freeze ups on Facebook live, check out the uploaded video at the other two sites. We usually have them uploaded within a few hours after the broadcast.

Internet. Computers. Blessing and curse!

2 thoughts on “Info Regarding Our Livestream Broadcasts

  1. mary

    I loved reading this. It’s so accurate. My husband’s mother was a dangerous, cruel woman, worshipped by her family. I finally (after 17 years of marriage and torture) told my husband that I didn’t want to be in her presence any longer. What followed was 2 years of brutality from him. He used me as a shield, and now that I wasn’t going to be that for him, his true colours were exposed. Six years later I ended the marriage.
    The root of my troubles lie though, in my own family. I have a sister who is older than me and I believe is the reason I have chosen unhealthy relationships. I think she set the template for me to be abused when I was very young.
    I don’t want her in my life and yet, I’ve felt unable to cut her off. Your message gives me hope and determination. Thank you.


    1. Jeff Crippen

      Thank you Mary. There is only one healthy choice in dealing with such people and that is to have no contact with them. As long as they are around they introduce grief and evil into our lives.


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