Follow Up to the Abuser Seeing his wife and children as property owned

I wrote a post (here) on this subject recently and we had quite a few really good helpful comments. I wanted to share this one in its own post because it really says even more clearly what I was trying to say.  Thank you Kelly!

This is such a great example of how abusers try to deceive by saying things (or more rarely, doing things) that may appear to be “good” at first glance. It *might* demonstrate his commitment and steadfast devotion to his wife/kids to a casual observer. But his motive is entirely self serving and entitled, just like you’ve said.

Observers can be fooled by “noble” sounding talk like that, but the target usually isn’t. She has learned to decode those words that are meant to publicly impress and she understands the implicit threat in them.

I will never forget the day of my last court hearing in (…) regarding parenting time/parental rights of my kids, etc. when x stated dramatically and with feigned passion, “I’m gonna fight for my kids!” (the kids who remain terrified and disgusted by him and have requested never to see him again because of his extreme abuse of them)

It was hard for me not to stand up and object out loud. After more than two decades with him, I knew what he really meant. It wasn’t noble, it was meant to bolster his image and at the same time intimidate me.

Like you’ve so insightfully said, they feel entitled to their property. People will never amount to more than property when it comes to evil.

Thank you for continually revealing the real wickedness of abusers. It is so validating to be reminded that their behaviors are so similar because they serve the same evil.

2 thoughts on “Follow Up to the Abuser Seeing his wife and children as property owned

  1. wingingit

    Wow! Heard this comment before.

    And the ever so false, “I want a relationship with my kids, they deserve a father”. Yes, they do deserve a father…who does not steal from them, lie to them, physically abuse them, threaten to put their mother in jail or the psych ward if they do not do as he says.

    He had over 2 decades to have a relationship with his kids. He ignored, used, and abused them the whole time.

    Suddenly, in court, he is shedding tears and emotionally stating his devotion to them….all while months behind on child support and suing to stop paying All support, including medical and education costs.

    Gag! The performances are disgusting and to strangers they seem so genuine.

    While the family is terrified that they will be believed and get their evil way.


  2. walkinginlight

    It is unbelievable how two faced these frauds are! They will do anything and I mean anything to look pious and just to any outsider. Mister wonderful, helpful, nice guy etc. Like I had mentioned once before, these children of the devil should get a acting award from Hollywood (the devil’s playground). They are the biggest phonies and liars one could ever come across. That is why it is not recommended to do couple’s counseling with them. They lie and manipulate the counselor into believing what wonderful people they are, getting the counselor to think the marriage issues are all the wife’s doing. So they pull that same lying and manipulating with the lawyers, judges and court system. It will be a blessed day to see the Lord judge these revilers and put them where they belong!



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