An Opportunity to Help a Lady in Need

I’m no good at fund raising. Over the years, years ago, I have had people tell me “Pastor, you need to preach more on tithing. The giving in the church is down.” I don’t like that. I think if real Christians are made aware of genuine needs and if the Lord has provided the means for them to help, they will do so without me twisting their arm.

So, what I would like to do in this post is simply make you aware of a real need and if you can help, that is wonderful. I know full well that most of you have suffered wicked abuse and part of that abuse has been economic.

In this case, an abuse survivor, a genuine Christian who I have known for some years now, is in need. She has been ex-communicated by a “church,” she has been cheated by her abuser (now her ex thankfully), and she really is a “widow indeed” as the Bible says. I wish I were a millionaire – I would spend my days handing out and helping the oppressed. But I’m not, and neither are you.

My friend is also physically and seriously disabled, the result of all those years of evil treatment no doubt.

So, I would like to offer all of you an opportunity to help. We are trying to raise $2000 to pay a pressing bill and relieve some financial pressure from her. If you would like to help and are able to do so, you can send funds to –

  • Christ Reformation Church, 7450 Alderbrook Rd., Tillamook, Oregon  97141
  • or you can donate through Paypal –

You can include a note to let me know that the funds are for this project.

Many blessings to you all. We look forward to the day in the New Creation when we will all “buy without money.” I will keep everyone informed as to the progress of the contributions.

3 thoughts on “An Opportunity to Help a Lady in Need

  1. Natalie

    How I wish I was in the place to lift all the other women like her out of all the financial abuse.

    When my kids say, “It’s Not Fair, I always answer with “The world is not fair. The fair is that place with the candy apples and rides”

    But in my heart, I cry out…”Why, why does it have to be so unfair to the innocent while the evil get their way??”

    Praying for this lady and that God gives her miraculous provision for her needs.

    Thanks, Jeff, for continuing to fight for the widows and orphans that the world ignores or abuses. Your words DO matter, a lot to us that are fighting to be free from evil oppressors and the unfair court system and the unholy church system.

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  2. Praying Lady

    Thank you, Pastor Crippen, for your compassion for the victims and survivors of abuse from wolves in sheep’s clothing. My ex left me financially destitute and I am still struggling to make ends meet even though we have been divorced for almost 2 years. I am in my late 60’s and recovering financially has been extremely difficult. My ex told me after our divorce that he was going to help me financially “off the record.” Of course, that was just another lie and he never gave me one cent that was not court-ordered.

    Thank you for your understanding heart and for extending this opportunity to others to help this survivor. I am not able to help financially at this time, but I will be praying for the Lord to provide for her, Natalie and the other women like myself who have to deal with this very real consequence of ending relationships with wicked men who are only pretending to be following Jesus.


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