Scriptures — A New Tab on the Top Menu Bar of Unholy Charade

We have compiled a list of articles, each written by Pastor Crippen, which address various scriptures that abusers and church leaders often twist and then use against domestic abuse victims.  Each article looks at one Scripture by showing how that Scripture is often twisted and then bringing to light its biblical truth.

In addition to the articles we have listed a few sermons by Pastor Crippen that look at twisted Scriptures.  Links to the audio and PDFs of these sermons are provided.

These articles and sermons can be found on the top menu bar under the new tab: Scriptures

8 thoughts on “Scriptures — A New Tab on the Top Menu Bar of Unholy Charade

  1. anonymous

    This is fantastic and it’s so clearly and beautifully laid out — other Scriptures that a person had forgotten having been used on them get brought back up, the memory jogged, upon reading the list.

    Fantastic work, TWBTC. 🙂

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    1. twbtc

      Thanks, Anonymous, but Pastor Crippen did all the work of writing the articles. I just put them in place. And we both hope that victims find the truth in the articles freeing!

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      1. anonymous

        Yes, I can see that Pastor Crippen wrote the articles, I meant to say something about the articles, too, but I thought the layout and the descriptors were great, too.

        And upon reading Pastor Crippen’s articles, they are balm to one’s soul, sound, and fantastic. Very educational. And spot on in the listing of ways these verses get wrongly used and weaponized.

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  2. anonymous

    This is a treasure trove! Abused women are so oppressed as it is, and then good, God-fearing Christian women get extra oppressed by wrong teaching and wrong admonitions and wrong beliefs in the Christian circles.

    These articles are good. They are life. It’s so important. So important. I wonder how much it grieves God to see how messed up and backwards much of the teachings in conservative circles are……

    Excellent work!

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  3. anonymous

    Also, is there a way to add the comments column that other blogs have where the latest comments are linked and shown, so people can see if new comments have been made, and on which posts/articles?

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    1. twbtc


      Comments are enabled on each individual article, so if readers want to comment on a specific article, they can leave a comment on that article.

      Hope that helps.

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